Our sheep graze on grass and clover that we rotate around our arable farm. This grass and clover is the part of our crop rotation that feeds our soil  and our sheep sustainably. It ensures good soil health and allows us to farm our crops and sheep organically with no artificial chemical inputs.
Our sheep live outside 365 days a year and feed on only this grass and clover. When they have grown gently to the perfect size, then, and only then, do they leave the farm.

When you buy meat from Shimpling Park Farm you can be safe  in the knowledge that  it has been reared with a truly holistic and sustainable agricultural approach and to the highest welfare standards possible.

Why you should taste it?

It tastes utterly delicious! 


 "it is second to none, it has a flavour

that surpasses the best i have tasted" 

Regis Crepy - Restaurateur


"Lamb as it ought to taste

- incredibly tender and juicy" 

Tessa Allingham - Food writer and journalist



Where do we buy your lamb?

Whole and half lambs


Butchered and packed to your specification directly from us if you are local.


Email us and we will send you an order form

Joint by joint and smaller amounts will be available when the new season lambs are ready in July 2020


Ask for it from our supportive and high quality butcher partners including

Lavenham Butchers - Lavenham
Leeders - Boxford
Proud Sow - Dulwich Village and Crofton Park London

Old Hall Farm - Norfolk NR35 2LP


Letting someone else cook it for you when the lockdown allows?


Fantastic chef partners include:


Maison Bleue - Bury St Edmunds
The Great House - Lavenham

If you have any questions:

Write to us at:

Shimpling Park Farm


Bury St Edmunds

Suffolk IP29 4HY

or email us on our Contact page


John Pawsey

Follow us for news as it happens:

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