After a terrible wet spring, the sun has finally come out.  
The drilling is well underway. The oats and barley are in the ground.
The beans are romping away.
Our New Zealand Romney sheep are again proving to be great and independent mums.
There are lambs popping up everywhere.
Thank you to our great shepherding team.
Thank you also to the good folk of Shimpling whose footpaths have been in the thick of it!


Past News Items

New Shepherd

A new sheperding team have started looking after our New Zealand Romney flocks. Robert Spink and Cameron have nurtured some fat and chilly ewes through the first tough winter in a while!


Spring drilling is well underway at last after the rain. At least three weeks late but sailing along with our System Chameleon from Sweeden. Very much enjoying sharing this technology.




Many of the visitors to the farm have asked to be updated when the lambs arrive so we are now on Instagram at Shimplingparkfarmsuffolk.  Here are a few lambs drying out after the rain. 



New leys emerge

The leys and pollen and nectar mixes that we have under-sown in our crops ready for feeding our sheep and pollinators are looking good having been established with our new System Cameleon drill. The Cameleon has also hoed the crops as well



Harvest approaches

It hardly seems possible bjut harvest is upon us. Disease levels are fairly high this year in our crops due to the very wet spring we have had, but in spite of that crops are still looking good and our fingers are firmly crossed!



First lambs arrive!

Our very first crop of lambs has been born on the farm! All our ewes have proved to be excellent mothers, giving birth unassisted outside as nature intended. They are all very protective over their babies and are now enjoying some spring weather.




The rams have done their job! The lads were introduced to the ladies on the 5th November and having been working hard to make sure that we have a good crop of lambs in the spring. They are now relaxing with Yogi the hairy pony who has adopted them and leads them around the farm better than any sheep dog!



Autumn crops emerge!

Our autumn crops are now beginning to peek through the soil. We sow our crops on wider rows so that we can mechanically hoe inbetween the rows to deal with weeds as we don't like to use chemical sprays on our farm. However, we only hoe when necessary to avoid disturbing ground nesting birds.



Autumn sowing

We are now fully underway with sowing our autumn cereals. Winter barley, spelt and oats are in the ground with wheat being sown today. Seedbeds have been excellent and with a warm start to October the crops should emerge within the week. This autumn we are using our new Swedish drill which not only sows seed but hoes weeds out of our crops as well. 



New ewe lambs arrive.

Today we took delivery of 250 more New Zealand Romney ewe lambs to increase our flock to 500. They soon settled in after their journey up from Kent and soon will be on the clover at our other farm at Lavenham Lodge.



Pollinators this way!

Now harvest has finished our under-sown pollen and nectar leys are bursting with flowers for some late season nector for bees and other foraging insects.




The lads have arrived! It's time for our lovely lady New Zealand Romneys to find a mate and their choice men have just arrived. Rams currently to be found on clover rich leys and getting ready for action!




National Organic Cereals 2015

National Organic Combinable Crops conference is being held at Shimpling Park Barn and Farm on 7th July 2015. organicfarmers



Harvest 2015

Harvest has started with us just managing to get our organic spring barley just before of pollen and nectar mixes grew out of the top of the crop. Phew!




Anticipating Autumn

Our new Swedish drill has arrived. System Cameleon is the Scandanavian way to sow seeds and hoe weeds. It is the first machine to be imported into the UK.



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